Have you ever seen those bales of cardboard behind your local grocery or retailer?  Chances are they were held together with a single loop bale tie

Single loop bale ties are gauged lengths of wire with a twisted loop on one end. The most common and durable bale tie finish is a galvanized, zinc coated finish.  The galvanized finish is applied to the wire after the wire has been cleaned of all residual wire drawing lubricants. After passing thru the multiple cleaning stations, the wire is submerged in a molten bath of Special High Grade (SHG) zinc. Once the zinc has cooled, the wire is coiled onto a steel tubular wire carrier. This carrier or “stump” of wire can weight up to 2,200 pounds. The carrier of wire is then transported to the single loop bale tie machine for further processing.

At the bale tie machine, the galvanized wire is fed into the machine and is passed thru a specialized wire straightening process. Once the wire is straight the machine measures the wire to length and cuts the bale tie wire. The computer controlled measuring and cutting mechanism ensures that the wire is the correct length for further processing. The wire then enters the next stage to performing the looping operation. The wire is bent and clamped to prevent it from slipping during the looping process. After the looping process is complete the operator packages the single loop bale ties according to the customer’s requirements. It is now ready for its next home on your bundle of corrugated paper..cardboard.
Single loop bale ties are available in commonly used sizes ranging from 11 gauge down to 15 gauge. Common lengths of bale ties range from 12′ to 22′ and come packaged in 125 or 250 count bundles ready for shipment.

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